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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

how to delete permanent and temporary TikTok accounts

If you want to delete your Tiktok account permanently or temporarily, then you don't need to worry anymore. Because, the Tik Tok application has provided the delete account feature.

Given that Tiktok is a social media for sharing short videos which is quite popular. Tiktok itself continues to strive to develop features in it.

And the delete account feature is a necessary feature for social media. Especially for TikTok which has very many users and is spread all over the world.

Some TikTok users, of course, feel bored or bored, so they want to delete their accounts. That is the reason the delete account feature is provided in the Tiktok application.

Apart from that, there are many other reasons why someone might want to delete their account. So, for that it's good to understand how this feature works so that you don't have trouble using it.

Deleting a TikTok account is divided into two types, namely deleting the account permanently and temporarily. You must determine one of them according to your needs.

As a note, before doing so, there are a number of things that you should know when you delete your TikTok account permanently. The following are below:

  • Tiktok account will not be accessible again.
  • Videos that have been posted will also be deleted.
  • There are no refunds for item purchases.
  • You will lose the information related to your TikTok account.
  • Chat messages can still be seen by other people.
  • Delete Permanent TikTok Account

Permanently deleting a Tiktok account is a very easy job. The reason is, you can do it directly using the features in the Tiktok application.

Here's how to permanently delete a TikTok account:

  1. Run the TikTok application on your device.
  2. Press the My menu to go to the profile page.
  3. Then press the dot icon in the upper right corner.
  4. After that, go to the Manage Account menu.
  5. Hit the Delete account option at the bottom.
  6. Enter the tiktok account password then press Next.
  7. Press the Delete Account button then select the Delete option.
  8. Done.

Now the Tiktok account has been successfully deleted, but don't log in to the account for 30 days. This is because the process of permanently deleting a Tiktok account takes time.

After it has been running for 30 days, it is certain that the Tiktok account has been permanently deleted forever.

Delete Temporary TikTok Account

If you want to delete your TikTok account for the time being, then you can also do it very easily. You can use the features provided in the TikTok application.

How to temporarily delete a TikTok account:

  1. Run the tiktok application on your cellphone.
  2. Go to the profile page then enter the settings menu.
  3. Select the Manage Account menu then press the Delete account option.
  4. Enter the TikTok account password for verification.
  5. Press the Delete Account button then select the Delete option.
  6. Done.

Note: Deactivating Tiktok account temporarily is only valid for 30 days. So make sure to reactivate the Tiktok account in less than 30 days.

To reactivate it, you only need to log into the TikTok application. Then you will be shown an account description as shown below.

You have to press the Reactivate button so that the Tiktok account can be used again. However, if you have passed 30 days, the Tiktok account is permanently deleted.

So, those are some ways to delete a TikTok account either permanently or temporarily deactivating it. Hopefully useful and good luck!

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