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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

How to Place Ads in the Middle of Blogger Articles

Google AdSense is only one of the advertiser companies for publishers, in fact there are many advertising companies that we can use. For how to advertise, we can also set it according to your wishes. For this reason, in this article I will provide a way to place an ad in the middle of the article.

How to Place Ads in the Middle of Blogger Articles

Apart from Google AdSense, there are other advertiser companies that are also widely used by publishers. Such as MGID, Adnow,, Propeller ads, and so on. For cpm, of course it is different from Google AdSense. Google AdSense is one of them. the biggest paying advertisers.

How to Place Ads in the Middle of Blogger Articles

1. The first step is logging into your Blogger account.

2. Select the Themes menu »click the ⋮ button» click Edit HTML.

3. After entering the Edit HTML page, look for the code <data: post.body /> by pressing Ctrl + F on the        keyboard.

4. There are several codes <data: post.body />, you choose the second one.

5. Replace <data: post.body /> with the code below

<div expr:id='&quot;post1&quot; +'/>
<div class='googlepublisherads' style='margin:20px 0'>
<!-- Iklan di sini -->
<div expr:id='&quot;post2&quot; +'><data:post.body/></div>
<script type='text/javascript'>
var obj0=document.getElementById(&quot;post1<>&quot;);
var obj1=document.getElementById(&quot;post2<>&quot;);
var s=obj1.innerHTML;
var t=s.substr(0,s.length/2);
var r=t.lastIndexOf(&quot;&lt;br&gt;&quot;);
if(r&gt;0) {obj0.innerHTML=s.substr(0,r);obj1.innerHTML=s.substr(r+4);}
6. To enter an ad, please remove the code replace the ad code that you have parsed with the parse html      tools. (Go here: Parse HTML)

7. Replace number 2 in the code with the number you want, the bigger the number, the ad will get to          the top of the article.

8. When finished, click the 🖬 Save button. Now look at where your ad is positioned.

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