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Saturday, February 27, 2021

Can Blogspot subdomain be reviewed?

 Can Blogspot subdomain be reviewed?

There are many rumors that the blogspot subdomain (nameyourblog.blogspot. com) cannot be verified or linked to this 2018 AdSense account. Actually that's not true, blogspot can be linked or added like a TLD (Top Level Domain). The possibilities for being approved or passing a review site are just as great as for the TLD.

Just to connect blogspot, you need to connect via blogger dashboard, in the income column. So you can't directly enter the domain name on the AdSense dashboard. If in the past you could ...

Connect your blogspot on blogger dashboard, and the review will take place. This method will automatically be associated with your AdSense account. Usually less than a day also approves if there are no problems as noted above.

If the earnings column doesn't appear, try changing the language on Blogger to English, keep refreshing. After that, usually the earnings or income column will appear

In conclusion, you don't need to worry if your AdSense account has a review site feature. There are many ways to go to Rome..

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